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Here is the story of a group of individuals that saw a need in our community and are making a difference for the families of individuals that are incarcerated and those that have served their time and are being released.  I had the privilege of meeting Bessie Elmore, the Director and Founder of Straight Talk Support Group,  at a lecture this week.   Over coffee this week, I meet with Art Menius, the Development Director,  and Bessie I heard their mission and story.  They are doing very important work supporting men and their families here in NC.”   

Bessie, I hope your son’s release makes the Holiday a great joy for your family!

Jim Neill

A Holiday Message From Bessie​

Individual people don’t go to prison alone; their entire family goes with them. These prison families and friends need support. They need a forum to meet and share with people experiencing the same issues they are. They need resources that provide the information and contacts they need to work through the corrections system on behalf of their incarcerated people. They need somewhere they can enter in pieces and leave in peace. That is what Straight Talk Support Group and Resource Center does.

You can help these families by donating to Straight Talk Support Group. Out of my struggle when my son was incarcerated, I created a means to pass my experience and knowledge to the people who need that today. The Mission of Straight Talk Support Group/Resource Center is to provide 360-degree support for the reentry community encompassing not only the men and women returning to society but their family members and employers. The Vision of Straight Talk Support Group/Resource Center is to be a community of voices to listen, inform, support and empower members of the reentry community. For the past three years, we have been providing regular and guest speaker meeting, a crisis telephone line available 12 hours per day, and a ride sharing program to facilitate prison visits.

Your support not only will allow us to continue to provide these services in Durham but to begin to expand our model program to serve other places and more families in crisis. Straight Talk Support Group has been my personal mission. Please make it your mission as well by donating online at or by mail to us at 3500 Westgate Court, Suite 504; Durham, NC 27707.

I deeply appreciate each contribution: big, little, or in the middle.

Bessie Elmore, Founder of Straight Talk Support Group
​ and Resource Center


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In addition to providing support group meetings Straight Talk offers its members essential services for navigating the criminal justice system. Click here to find out more or here to learn about attending one of our public events.