Annual Gathering of Men in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

10/05/18 5:00 PM - 10/07/18 12:00 PM

Join us for our seventh annual gathering of men in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

Within our open-hearted circle of men, a place of brotherhood and inclusion, a unique transformation of spirit exists. The gathering provides a place to be heard and to listen. One man’s story is every man’s story.

This year’s theme invokes the Lone Wolf; that part of us that stands apart, stalking the wild perimeter of our lives. He howls a lonely discontent and longing. We are inviting this wayward character in all of us, to come forward and share his voice in our circle of safety and trust.

We are open to all men, all ages, all persuasions, creeds, race, who seek to help themselves to leap off a path that follows old trails and instead, a journey into the self.

Cost: $225.00 for a Shared room. Or $300 for Private Room. Scholarships are available if finance is an issue.

All meals are provided by the Conference Center and served in the cafeteria.

Conference Center provides blankets, sheets, pillows, towels, and facecloths. Bring a sleeping bag if you prefer your own bedding.

To register call or email any of the following:
Bob Cambron: / 828-773-3432
Alistair Burke: / 828-264-5630


Bob Cambron
In the very early 90’s, after years of restlessness and feeling disappointed with his life, Bob began an active search for “something more”. This search for self-discovery led him to personal and group therapy, and eventually into men’s work based in Native American ritual and ceremony. In 2008, Bob, along with Earl LeClaire and Stuart Kaplan, formed the Boone Circle of Men, a gathering which remains active today with ten men who meet regularly to address the issues men face on a daily basis and to work with those men who need help. Bob is a regular attendee of the North Carolina Men’s Gathering hosted by The Men’s Center in Raleigh Durham North Carolina. He also attends the annual Soul Camp, hosted by the Kiva Brothers in Nashville, Tennessee. Throughout the years, Bob has attended many other gatherings and workshops, addressing men’s search for a deeper understanding and meaning in their lives. Bob is co-owner and President of BCS Custom Builders and one of the most honest men on the planet. Bob has a huge heart and a deep desire to not only follow his inner path, but to help, other men on their path as well.

Earl Leclaire
In his youth, Earl Leclaire was a lobster man off the coast of southern Rhode Island. Since then he has had a myriad of jobs including nuclear piping designer taxi driver, historical researcher, poet, writer, screenwriter, performance artist, and chef. He is the author of several books of poetry. He has won several awards for his published poetry. His poetry and fiction have appeared in many publications, both in the US and Europe. He currently lives in the Appalachian mountains of Western North Carolina where he continues to garden, participate in men’s work and is a proud Father, Husband, Grandfather and occasional heckler.

Jamie Collins
As an ordained minister of the Universal Brotherhood Jamie is considered by some an urban shaman. He’s a Nashville writer, poet, songwriter and musician who spent 13 years in a private men’s group, was an lead organizer of 2 Nashville Soul Camps, and small group leader in all up to 2013. Jamie has published two books of poetry and written five children’s books on historical figures. Coaxing ‘spirit into the heart’, Jamie stares unblinkingly into both the light and the darkness of the soul, and lives his mission as a Spiritual Warrior.

Dr Stuart Kaplan
Has been practicing chiropractic and teaching yoga for over thirty five years. He has studied with many teachers who have shared their understanding of consciousness and human potential. He is a certified hypnotherapist who has produced guided meditations that have been heard around the world by over Fifty thousand people. He has studied a few methods of breath work including Integral yoga pranayama, rebirthing and Su Darshan Kriya. He has been involved with men’s work for eight years.

Grizzly Cicero
Hailing from Torbert Louisiana, “the Grizz” has attended over 100 men’s gatherings in the last 21 years. After 39 years as a counselor for substance abuse and mental health, the hook that keeps Griz returning to men’s gatherings is his observation that what can take years in the mental health industry to change happens in a matter of days at the gatherings. Men open up, connect with their souls, and transform. He has attended the Sapphire Canyon men’s gathering over 8 times; he has traveled to Georgia Texas Louisiana South Carolina New York and Massachusetts to attend men’s gatherings. When asked which state hosts the most powerful gathering, he replied “they all do, only the accents change” if you know the Griz, you can see the light in his eyes when he replies! It is no coincidence that he lives on Big Man Lane in Louisiana!

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