Fall Feast – “Feasting with Robert Bly”

10/13/18 4:30 PM - 9:30 PM

When: Saturday, October 13th 2018 from 4:30PM till about 9:30PM

Where: Solterra Common House, 100 Solterra Way, Durham, NC 27705

Who: Friends of The Men’s Council (men and women), MKP brothers, and guests

– a dish to share
– a drink to enjoy
– a smile!

Another year has passed and we are about to celebrate our journey along the path of “men’s work.”  As is our custom, we will celebrate with music, poetry and fine food! Although Robert Bly will not be present in person, the focus of the event will be on his teachings and poetry.

Presently the agenda looks like this:

  • Arrive at 4:30 and socialize with old friends
  • Opening at 5:00 PM
    – starting with a blast of youth – 16-year-old Evan Carlson sets his poems to music on guitar
    – continuing with reflections on Bly’s influence on men’s work
  • A Potluck Supper at 5:30 PM
    – bring a dish to share, a drink to enjoy
  • Continuing with readings of Robert Bly’s poems
  • Men sharing their personal experiences with Robert Bly (spanning at least 50 years)
  • Open discussion of what Bly had to say means to us
  • More music starting about 7:00
  • If time permits, audio or video presentations by Robert Bly.

Planning committee: Dave Davenport, Bill Finger, Lou Lipsitz, Bennett Myers and Fred Stephens

For more information, contact:
Bennett Myers: 919-419-8886, mypoem@nc.rr.com
Dave Davenport: 919-345-7666, daviddavenport@mindspring.com

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