TMC  G i v i n g  B a c k
A   P h i l a n t h r o p i c   O u t r e a c h

What Giving Back Is 

Giving Back is a philanthropic “giving circle.” In an op ed in the News and Observer (Oct 30, 2016)  Ellie Kinnaird defined this as “a kind of social investment club of philanthropy.” Like crowd funding this enterprise allows the members of TMC to pool charitable donations and have greater effect in our communities than any one of us alone might be able to accomplish.

  • It is an integral part of the nonprofit organization, The Men’s Council
  • 100% of donations to Giving Back go to target organizations.
  • Overhead expenses are covered as part of TMC’s operations.
  • Through Giving Back we strive to support programs that are committed to helping men of any age to contend with the demands and difficulties that life has presented them and give them new tools, self confidence and knowledge to be more successful in life and better contributors to society.
  • Nonprofit organizations may submit grant requests showing how they are going to use grants and demonstrate how their missions are consistent with TMC’s: Men Helping Men Live Better Lives.
  • A Giving Back Steering Committee reviews grant requests and determines how to distribute available funds. TMC’s Board gives final approval.
  • To date grant recipients include programs and organizations that mentor young men, focus on educating men to counter violence and patterns of abuse and neglect, provide initiation experiences for young men entering into manhood and that strive to support men who are or have been incarcerated to re-enter society as productive citizens.


In the fall of 2014 at the annual TMC Board planning retreat Elders in The Men’ Council, wanting to establish a means to positively impact the lives of men in North Carolina, proposed a way to return some of the abundance and blessings they had experienced in their lives through a philanthropic effort. This initiative for “giving back” was enthusiastically endorsed by the Board of The Men’s Council and in the fall of 2015 $17,500 was raised as an initial pool to donate funds to  local organizations that were helping men build better lives.

Having just finished our first year, the Giving Back initiative is off to a great start. In a very short time we have identified and supported an impressive number of deserving local organizations that align with the spirit of TMC. In addition to helping these organizations maintain financial security, Giving Back members share their talents and gifts with these organizations. In the process of working together, we form natural partnerships with these groups to help spread the word about The Men’s Council and our mission to help men build better lives

Grant Recipients

This link provides a list of organizations and programs that TMC Giving Back is currently supporting. Other nonprofit organizations whose goals and work in the community match our mission can apply to receive funds from TMC Giving Back by submitting a grant proposal.  A link to our grant form here and at the bottom of this page will take to guidance for anyone who is thinking of submitting a grant request. 

Become a Member of the Giving Back Circle of Giving.

We are excited about the progress that we have made in a short time. As Elders and men of conscience, we know that we must take risks and stretch beyond our comfort levels in order to reach our full potential. We have discovered that there are very dedicated people in our communities doing amazing things with a paucity of financial resources and the most incredible dedication to helping people that we might imagine. They deserve and need our support.

We invite you to join the Giving Back circle of giving by considering either of two kinds of membership.

  • Contributing member – one time donation of $25 or more
  • Sustaining member – annual pledging of $200 or more

Help us share abundance with others of all ages and backgrounds in our communities so TMC can better fulfill its mission:

Men Helping Men Build Better Lives”. 

We invite you to make your donation to Giving Back.

By Mail: Send tax deductible donation to:

The  Men’s  Council –  Giving  Back
8222 Huntsman Court
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Credit Card Donations: Follow the link below to our online store:

TMC Online Store

The Men’s Council and Giving Back are run by volunteers and we rely heavily on them to get the work done. Volunteering is another important way of giving back to our communities. We invite you to consider volunteer work with the programs and organizations that we support through Giving Back.

Grant Application Link                            FAQ’s for Giving Back

Steering Committee Members
Jarod Brown, Graham Gell, Doug Jennette, Bennett Myers, Evan Nash, Jim Neill, Jim Prevatt, Temple Porter,
Bron Skinner, Larry Sorkin, Donald Tyson and Randy Wall

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