A n s w e r s  to  Q u e s t i o n s
I n f o r m a t i o n  a b o u t  G i v i n g  B a c k

Below is salient information that we hope will help you to understand more fully TMC Giving Back, how it is set up and how it operates. 

  1. The Steering Committee. Under the auspices of The Men’s Council and oversight of its Board the Steering Committee is responsible for all the actions pertaining to Giving Back. This includes fund raising, review of grant applications, and distribution of available funds.
  2. Steering Committee Membership. The Steering Committee consists of men who volunteer and work in their communities, with TMC, with organizations and programs we support through Giving Back, and/or are annual pledging donors to the “giving circle,” Giving Back.
  3. Funding Accountability. The TMC Board will review and approve the financial accounting for Giving Back on a semi-annual basis. The Treasurer for TMC handles the tracking and reporting of Giving Back accounts.
  4. Vetting Organizations to Receive Grants. Grant applications are reviewed by the Steering Committee. Decisions for grant approval is by consensus.  The Steering Committee sends its recommendations on to the TMC Board for final approval.
  5. Overhead. A fundamental principle the founders of Giving Back established from day one was the goal that 100% of the funds donated to Giving Back would go to the vetted charities. Since Giving Back functions under the umbrella of The Men’s Council, any overhead required for the operation of Giving Back will be subsumed with those of TMC. This allows TMC to direct all donations solely for the purpose of supporting the work of the organizations we have chosen to support.
  6. Service Commitment. We seek to extend our commitment to our communities by volunteering where we are able to increase our impact and visibility. The Steering Committee is looking, not only for financial donors, but also for men interested in volunteering in the name of the TMC and men interested in acting as coordinators for the volunteers and connecting men with volunteer opportunities.
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The Men’s Council is a 501(c)(3) Organization