Grant Application

Below is the outline for a Grant Application.  The grants are evaluated based on your organization’s mission, and history of serving men and the capacity to evaluate the effectiveness of your program’s impact .

The  Men’s  Council  Grant  Application

Please attach responses to the following on a separate sheet(s) or send Word.doc by email to your contact with The Men’s Council. Consider these questions a guide to what we’re looking for, not all may be appropriate to your organization or project.

Project/ Mission Name

  1. Organization Name
  2. Mailing Address
  3. Physical Address
  4. Contact person for this Grant (include phone and email)
  5. Web Site URL
  6. Indicate who the check is to be made payable to along with address


1.    Organization status (non-profit in what state, corporation, year formed, etc.)

2.    Does your organization have a Board of Directors that regularly meets?  How often?


1.    Mission Statement

2.    How does your mission coincide with that of The Men’s Council’s Men Helping Men Build Better Lives.

3.    Provide a short paragraph for our website describing your organization, mission, and project that will drive donations to your cause.

Annual Organizational Budget

1.    What is this year’s total Annual Budget for your organization? (Income and expenses)

2.    Breakdown of funding sources for your organization, along with funds on hand or pledged.

Project/ Mission Overview

  1. How much funding is being requested?
  2. How is the money to be used? (Please be specific. Example: staff; meeting space; equipment; etc)
  3. Who is to be served? (Give us the demographics of the persons benefiting from this grant.) What target need of these persons is to be meet?
  4. Who will manage the project budget? (Name, organizational title, contact phone & email)
  5. What do you hope to achieve and how does this project fit with your mission? (Describe milestones/steps)
  6. How will you evaluate the effectiveness and communicate results/effectiveness to The Men’s Council? (Example — number served; or number of events/ classes held; materials purchased.)
  7. Where will the services take place? (Community, location)
  8. When will these events take place? Calendar for the project (Month and Year is fine)
  9. Is there some way you need our help beyond financial concerns (volunteers, board members, advice, etc.)
  10. What else do you want our reviewers to know about this project?

Completed applications should be emailed to: __________________

or sent to the following address:
The  Men’s  Council –  Giving  Back  Fund
c/o Steering Committee
8222 Huntsman Court
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

FAQ’s for Giving Back                           Giving Back