Greetings Men Of The Triangle,

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Greetings Men Of The Triangle,

This is to let you know about the exciting changes in our men’s group known as “We Speak Our Truth” {aka WSOT} and to announce that we currently have openings for new members in our group.  While WSOT is a recognized group of the Mankind Project, our meeting format has changed significantly beginning June 1, 2016.  WSOT is now a Wisdom Group.

We contemplated being exclusively an elder group but realized that doing so would exclude men.  We are maintaining an elder focus in that we recognize wisdom as a revered quality among elders in virtually every society.  Our aim is to explore, nurture and develop wisdom and its many facets extensively and intensively so that our lives may become more full and enriched and purposeful.

WSOT is open to men of all ages, to Mankind Project (MKP) initiated men, and to men not affiliated with MKP.  For our first Wednesday meetings of July and August, WSOT will have special facilitated programs known as “Authentic Relations Games” that will be both fun and enlightening.  We ask a 24-hour notice from any man who would like to visit any meeting.

MEETING TIMES:  7:15 PM – 9:30 PM on Wednesdays with different happenings on different days.

  • 1st Wednesday—will be a planned program on some aspect of wisdom or a related attribute.
  • 3rd Wednesday—will be a more traditional support group meeting modeled after the Mankind Project’s I-Groups meetings.
  • 2nd & 4th Wednesdays—will be fellowship gatherings that can also transition into a support group if a man is in need of support.

Call or email Andy Gilliam if you’re interested or if you’d like to visit.    Phone:  919-786-2545

Blessings,  Andy Gilliam