Help Camp Chestnut Ridge

   Morris Center, the heart of Camp Chestnut Ridge

     The heart of Camp Chestnut Ridge is Morris Center and has not been painted since it was built and needs desperate help.     It is a large building that has housed thousands of kids and adults taking advantage of the peace and joy to be found at this special place.  The funds are needed to prep, seal and paint Morris Center.       
History of this special place:  Camp Chestnut Ridge is a place set apart where people can disconnect from the busyness of their everyday lives in order to reconnect with God and each other. For over 60 years, Chestnut Ridge has been a place where people of all ages GROW individually, GROW in community, and GROW in their faith.
   Built in 1994, the Morris Center is the central hub of camp life. It serves as the dining hall and large group meeting space. The Morris Center hosts campers and guests almost every single day of the year. It serves 500 meals a day in the summer to 200 campers per week. It is inclement weather space for Outdoor Education Field Trips, and the more than 100 After School campers who come to camp every afternoon from 14 different schools. And the Morris Center provides dining and meeting space for over 6000 retreat guests per year, and almost 100 groups. These Retreat groups include church retreats, men’s retreats, women’s retreats, college student groups, youth groups, non-profits, support groups, corporate groups, government groups, and school groups. 
    After 25 years, the Morris Center needs some love and attention in order to continue serving faithfully for the next 25 years. Urgently, it needs a new coat of paint to protect it from the elements. The current paint job is 25 years old. In some places it is wearing off. In other places, rotten boards have been replaced, but the new wood has never been painted. It can be repainted by professional painters with quality paint for around $16,000.    
Financial information about this organization and a copy of its license are available from the State Solicitation Licensing Branch at 919-814-5400. The license is not an endorsement by the State.
 Here’s a little video about our history you made find interesting. We made it in honor of our 60th Anniversary –  .

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