Hospice Volunteers Needed

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Heartland Hospice Volunteers :

At Heartland, we consider our involvement with each patient a sacred opportunity and a privilege to be in their lives.  We depend on our hospice volunteers to help us provide the love, respect and care our patients and their families need.


Volunteers offer support, companionship and compassion.  Our current need is for volunteers who will interact directly with patients and families.  Our volunteers help enrich the lives of our patients by:

*Running errands for patients and families

*Staying with patients so family members can get a much needed rest

*Reading or providing a comforting touch

*Playing or singing soothing music to patients

*Keeping vigil with patients in their final hours

The amount of time required depends on your schedule and availability as a volunteer.  We are appreciative of whatever time you can give to our patients and staff!

Please feel free to reach out to any of our Volunteer Coordinators at Heartland Hospice- (919) 877-9959

Mary Carter, Mila Litchfield and Vernita Jones