Grant App Joshua Project – Charlotte, NC

The Men’s Council Grant Application
Project Name
1. Organization Name: JP Boys2Men (aka The Joshua Project)
2. Mailing Address: 3214 Stoneybrook Road; Charlotte, NC 28205
3. Physical Address: Same
4. Contact Person: Philip Loydpierson, Executive Director
5. Web Site URL:
6. Check payable: Joshua Project; 3214 Stoneybrook Road; Charlotte, NC 28205

Organization Background
1. Organization formed in 1998 as private venture, non-profit status 2004-06 (Passage Council for Youth, Inc.), resumed as private venture 2006-2014, Limited Liability Corporation August 26, 2014 (JP4men, LLC), 501c3 non-profit December 15, 2015 (JP Boys2Men, Inc.) – all in state of North Carolina
2. Organization has Board of Directors, consisting of nine (9) men, which meets at least biannually

1.Mission Statement: The Joshua Project is dedicated to providing meaningful rites-of-passage experiences for young men moving into manhood, to exploring the meaning of mature masculinity with men and boys, and to providing a vehicle to encourage adult-youth mentoring relationships. While the Joshua Project forwards no particular religion or creed, it is dedicated to the encouragement of spiritual practices that inform a man’s authentic nature.

2. The mission of the Joshua Project fits neatly with TMC’s mission of Men Helping Men Build Better Lives, in that it offers support to men to explore in depth within a soulful community what it means to be a mature man within their families and communities, and offers a template as well as a positive male community for young men to explore the same at an especially critical time in their lives.
3. The Joshua Project gathers each of the four seasons each year in a natural setting offering a soulful community of men the opportunity to support our younger brothers and sons (ages 13 and up) as they move into manhood, to ritualize this important passage, and to explore together what it means to be a mature man.

Annual Organizational Budget
1. The 2016 Annual Budget projects $20,000 in expenses and $15,000 in income, including expenses for projects yet to be funded.
2. Sources of funding are $8000. projected to be received from event fees and $7000 in various donations, including the Joshua Project Scholarship Fund (currently approx $2500.), which is utilized as needed to augment fees for individuals attending events. Current funds available in operating account is $745., with no pledges for donations presently.

Project Overview
1. Funding requested: $5000.
2. Funds to be used for: Equipment purchases (replacement and new of outdoor kitchen, and camp supplies), website and communications development, as well as tuition for Wilderness First Aid/First Responder safety classes.
3. Served will be the participants of the program: The young men (ages 13 and up) and the supporting community of men
4. The Project Budget is currently managed by the Executive Director (Philip Loydpierson-704-342-3456, along with the Board Treasurer (Charles Thomas-704-975-5384
5. The goal of this project is to more effectively and efficiently equip the program to carry out its mission of serving young men and men, making the gatherings easier to access and safer for its participants.
6. We shall evaluate the effectiveness of this grant project by the purchase of needed equipment, by the ease of access to those wishing to register for events, and by the education of men who offer medical backup for events
7. Each event takes place in various rented camps, often church camps as well as National Forest lands in North Carolina
8. Four-weekend events are offered each season of the year, usually January, April, June, and October as well as additional days added to the summer program for the young men.
9. Many of the men who regularly attend TMC’s annual gathering have also attended one or more Joshua Project events, and so have witnessed the rite-of-passage experiences being offered the young men who attend, as well as the camaraderie among the men who support them and offer as the positive container for the youth. We are grateful to have been the recipient of TMC’s support in past years, both financially as well as in positive manpower. We hope to continue this program so that it may offer itself to many young men of the future.