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Men’s Organization Sate Event Month “About”
Rhode Island Mens Gathering RI Feb RIMG seeks to provide men of all ages, all orientations and from all and walks of life a chance to make connections and friends, build community and gain support from the company of other men in a safe, supportive and welcoming setting. The weekend includes a balance of workshops and opportunities for spontaneous activities, socializing, conversation, recreation, and relaxation. RIMG is facilitated and organized by a committee of volunteer participants.
Redwood Men’s Center CA May We at the Redwood Men’s Center recognize the need for men to come together in community to express and explore ideas which restore wholeness to ourselves and Soul to the world. As healing professionals and men of service, we move beyond the limits of traditional psychology with its exclusive focus on ego concerns, by embracing the deeper needs of Soul through mythos and ritual. We provide a container in which to heal the wounds that result from our lost connection with Soul and support men in bringing this healing back to their communities.
Unitarian Universalist of NY NY June In a rare opportunity, men of all ages, colors, creeds, and sexual orientations gather each year to share our experiences as men and explore what it means to be a man. We find ourselves renewed and reinvigorated as we talk openly about our lives and hopes. There are workshops to partake in and hiking or canoe trips to join. In all of our activities, from preparing meals together to sharing at the campfire, we enjoy the fellowship of other men.
Granite Men’s Gathering NH May There is great freedom at the gathering to pick and choose from a range of social, recreational, educational and spiritual experiences throughout the weekend. Each man may develop new friendships, converse with other men about anything and everything, attend or present workshops, perform in a talent show, jam on drums or other musical instruments, eat great food, or simply bask in the sweet serenity of the place. There are abundant opportunities to socialize, but a man can also have quiet solitude to mull things over, do creative work or simply renew his relationship with others or himself.
Nation of Men CA Sept The 2018 Momentum Fall Event theme is Going Deeper – in your relationships, within yourself, and in your life. This weekend event in the Santa Cruz Mountains is an opportunity for you to explore ways you can improve the most important relationships in your life, by making deeper connections. In addition, you will experience Fun, Food, and Fire, with a group of energetic and powerful Men.
Massachusetts Men’s Gathering MA Sept Massachusetts Men’s Gathering (MMG) is a participant-organized and participant-led weekend that happens twice a year at a year-round camp/retreat center. Like similar format retreats throughout New England and in several other states, MMG does not hire “experts” to run workshops or provide the entertainment, but trusts in the abilities of whoever shows up!
Victories – Transforming the Lives of Men IL Monthly We are an organization of men helping men. For more than 30 years, we at Victories have been men who help other men in bringing positive change to themselves and their lives. We begin by recognizing that many of us have been socialized to think that “being a man” means adopting beliefs that can stand in our own way. These include the assumptions that men go it alone, avoid asking for help, address inner pain with silent stoicism, cultivate superficial or aloof associations with other men, deny our feelings and our vulnerability, and interpret the public disclosure of our private selves as a sign of weakness.
Connecticut Men’s Gathering CT Sept The purpose of the Connecticut Men’s Gathering (COMEGA) is to empower men to create and foster a community where the invitation is to break down the internal barriers that cause isolation. This inspires the courage in each man to consciously explore the challenges in his life, and to bring forth his authentic self. He is empowered to bring his newly found awareness, commitments, and passions back to his relationships and to his community. Twice a year this opportunity is experienced as a weekend format where men are provided this chance to safely journey from their heads to their hearts, thereby revealing and celebrating their true masculine spirit, often experienced as a feeling of brotherhood.
Vermont Men Alive VT Feb, May, Sep Men Alive is a nonprofit organization formed to bring men together. All men are welcome. Our vision is to create a safe environment in which men can express themselves as individuals, find the companionship and support of other men, and build a community of caring based on respect and acceptance.
Maine Coast Men ME May, Oct When was the last time you spent some time with the guys? I mean a weekend kinda time. With GUYS. Talking, playing music, eating great food, hanging out in the Maine woods at a rustic camp, recharging yourself. You can come, bring something to share, or just take it all in.
Minnesota Men’s Conference MN Jan, May, Sep For over thirty years the Minnesota Men’s Conference has provided a wild, natural environment where ritual structures can be created and utilized so that a man may identify the connections between himself and world around him. In a world that encourages personal exile and isolation, except through technology, direct, firsthand experience is needed to counter those impulses. When men actively work to connect with families, communities, and the growth of their own souls, natural forces will assist them if the work is done from the appropriate soul site. It is imperative that men also work to counter any personal exile and isolation. When men seek those nurturing connections, the presence of older and younger men come together to work together. Join us in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area at Camp Du Nord Ely, Minnesota for this year’s annual Minnesota Men’s Conference.
Men’s Leadership Alliance CO; MN Monthly MLA is non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring, encouraging and supporting men of all ages into authentic living. VISION:
MLA believes in a world where all men, and all people, can fully express their personal gifts and genius in service to their families and communities. Such authenticity can only be accessed through deep work with ourselves; what we call soul work. Drawing from the wisdom of ages and an understanding of the ever-changing needs of modern times, MLA has created an integrated series of programs designed to engage and support men in this important soul work, as well as programs for partners, family, children, and elders. It is our experience that soul work is the gateway to authentic manhood, which in turn leads to a life of joy, service, wisdom and passion.
Michael Meade’s – Mosaic Voices CA Monthly Amid the rattling of cultural institutions and radical changes in nature, it may be time to turn again to valuable traditional methods of cultural healing and individual mentoring. Shaping new forms from separate, estranged, or even broken pieces is a dynamic remedy for the personal isolation and spiritual dislocation that increasingly characterize modern life. The creative act of finding and fitting together the divergent yet necessary elements of a diverse culture can produce “moments of wholeness” in times of great uncertainty.
Boys to Men Tuscon AZ Monthly Boys To Men Tucson is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit educational corporation, founded in March 2009. Since then, our work has been to invite, encourage, background check, train, and support adult men to become volunteer group mentors. Today, we continue to support boys from 11-17 years of age by providing weekly group mentoring in many TUSD middle and high schools, all of which directly serve disadvantaged and academically challenged youth. We intend to continue this legacy, and to enhance and expand the scope and breadth of our programs to additional schools and under-served areas in Greater Tucson.

Resources in and around Asheville, NC

This is a compendium of opportunities for involvement in groups and activities in the Asheville vicinity.