My Wishes for 2019

Early morning on the lake at Camp Chestnut Ridge, Efland, NC


What do you wish or affirm for 2019?  What do you hope for your self, your family your community?  Share it with us and we will post our collection of hopes January 2nd.  Please stay less than 100 words.
Please, no political, violent or sexual messages.

Gaines Steer: “For 2019, The peace that passeth understanding; that is, inner peace.”

Bron Skinner:  “Above all I would hope that I will better communicate with others. My hope is that I will start by listening and being curious before drawing my conclusions. Then I wish for the inspiration to find the words to communicate my ideas to others respectfully and effectively.”

Jim Neill: “For 2019 I choose to focus on keeping the sacred in my home through ritual and meditation. I promise myself to – live with an open heart and to bring my wholeness to all that I do.”