Notable Authors

Notable Authors

Allen, Marvin

The unexpressed/ repressed and crystallized anger that many of us carry damages our capacity to feel and share.  Allen, author and psythotherapist, shares his personal path and his work with men at gatherings of men and in therapeutic groups.

Belden, Rick

Contemporary poems that chronicle Belden’s transition into a more mature manhood.  – JN

Bly, Robert

This classic book of the “Mythopoetic Men’s Movement” takes allegorical stories and ties it to our contemporary maleness. – JN

Bly, Robert

Poetry collected in a wonderful anthology with men in mind.  This is a book you will come back to time and again. – JN

Joseph Campbell

Written in 1949 giving voice to the common story in myths across cultures and why story is important in our lives. – JN

The Myth of Male Power

Farrell, Warren

“The Myth of Male Power, by author and gender-reconciliation champion, Dr. Warren Farrell, is truly a landmark work. Over the course of the next century it will come to be seen for what it is: a bold and inexorable challenge to American society to rethink from its deepest foundations the present and past attitudes and approaches towards gender equality – an approach that has been dominated by victim feminism. The Myth of Male Power confronts the politically correct myths that undermine true equality and gender reconciliation…” – Pradeep Ramanathan from Amazon

Fox, Matthew

“It’s a bountiful universe in here. I’d been thinking about traditional Jungian archetypes and how – and if – they fit in with the concept of the New Masculine, and suddenly, Matthew Fox’s book, “The Hidden Spirituality of Men,” shows up.” – Gary Stampler on Amazon

James, John W. and Friendman, Russell

Fox explores ten archetypes, or metaphors, that he believes speak to a revival of the healthy masculine, “indeed, the Sacred Masculine.” – JN

Garbarino, James

“I’ve read a lot of books about lost boys, but I’ve seldom been as impressed as I was by this one. Unlike other experts, this author never gives up on a boy–even if he’s sitting on death row, as 300 American juveniles are. The author speaks of the divine spark in each of us–even murderers. He also addresses the root causes of violence and how to save our children. Prevention is the answer, of course,along with compassion and believing in the inherent goodness of all human beings. In a society that equates punishment with justice and believes in retribution rather than resurrection, LOST BOYS offers spiritual and practical hope for all.” – Mary Ellen Johnson on Amazon

Garfield, Robert

An excerpt from p.10-11:


“The changes in men’s attitudes about masculinity and emotional intimacy that I’m describing here are of no less consequence for men today than those Betty Friedan described for women fifty years ago in The Feminine Mystique. They have the potential to transform men’s lives and the world around us in equally momentous ways.

When people have asked me about the “men’s movement” today, I’ve joked that “it’s a very quiet revolution” because of the social stigma associated with men expressing their feelings openly, and their resultant aversion to admitting that they want more emotional connection in their lives. For many men, however, I believe that this desire for closer, more authentic relationships resonates with core values that they hold regarding equality, compassion, and respectful engagement with all individuals…” –Duncan Tam

Keen, Sam

Keen explores where a man can find fulfillment in this modern world through roles in work, family, and sex. If you have ever asked yourself the question, “What makes a man, a real man?”, this book will help to answer the question. No man should be without this book. – J Mack from Amazon

Meade, Michael

Through myths and ancient stories, Meade takes readers through the stages in a man’s lfe. The initiatory events as detailed in the stories allow for a re-examination of childhood issues from a different perspective. Meade’s writing is clear and concise, as is his obvious commitment to men and their healing. This book is a must read for anyone (not just men) wishing to gain deeper insights into our collective and individual psyches. – a Customer on Amazon

Moore, Robert and Gilllette, Douglas

“I first read this book when it appeared in the early ’90s, when the Men’s Movement was everywhere (how long ago that seems). I have come back to the book many, many times for guidance and insight, finding relevance in different portions as I have aged, changed jobs, and faced new challenges. There is a reason why this book remains in print: it’s an intelligent, clear, and well-grounded examination of the primary facets of men’s selves and how men can use this understanding to improve their lives. The authors discuss each of the title’s four archetypes in turn, explaining both the positive and negative aspects of each one, and how each can interact with the others. A particular strength is the authors’ ability to describe each archetype in a vivid, three-dimensional (yet concise) way that enables you to *see* the archetype at work in yourself and others. I would recommend this book especially for readers who may be turned off by self-help works that are either too simplistic or too mystical. And, as other reviewers have pointed out, much of it would appear to be of interest to women as well as men.” Zeldock – Amazon

Solomon, Andrew

“How do we raise children who are profoundly different than we are?” – By Jack on November 13, 2012 on Amazon

Way, Niobe

Dr. Way did a longitudinal study of early adolescent males and found some surprises about what young men long for and miss in their lives. – JN