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Surviving Divorce

Great reference site with useful links for men dealing with divorce.  Some of the posting are 2005 but very relevant.

 Guidance and Advice for Men Going Through a Divorce  By Cathy Meyer, Guide December 31, 2010

The divorce attorneys of Cordell & Cordell present essential divorce information and resources about alimony, child support, and child custody for men and fathers at any stage of divorce.

Caught is an Abusive Relationship?

Help for Men in Abusive Relationships You are not alone.

Are You An Abused Man? Three Questions  Ask yourself these questions.

Recognizing an Abusive Relationship  This web site is directed at women and their spotting an abusive relationship.  The concepts are the same gender is not the salient point.  The alerts are the same.

Starting over: How to rebuild your finances after escaping a financially abusive relationship Often times abusive relationships can have dire effects on one’s financial status. This article provides useful information and advice for countering such negative consequences. 

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