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The Men’s Council offers to help you connect with a   community of men and an enriched path for your life as a man. Consider sharing in the brotherhood of like-minded men, review what we have to offer on our web site, attend a Men’s Gathering, join a support group, an experience the gifts of being a man. We hope these tools, readings, resources and events make a difference for you.

-The Men’s Council and Board Members

1. Connect – If you’re feeling alone as a man in this world, you’re not alone. That’s been the basic experience of men since the beginning of the industrial revolution.

2. Enrich – Our work opens up each of us into the vast world of our natural place in the universe and helps us to understand how we are connected to our ancestors in body and spirit. We do this through our workshops and other material we share with one another online and at our gatherings.

3. Share – You join us in the safety of our space where your heart can spread out, relax and take a break from hiding. It’s ok to be you! In fact, we honor our individuality and our shared experience as a group.

4. Change – Part of our path is to stretch ourselves into a place of greater understanding. Your experience will not only stretch you to have courage in your own life: It will stretch others around you to change with you.

5. Mentor – part of our path is helping mentor others including:  fathers and their sons and men who are just entering the work. The sooner you understand yourself, the sooner you’ll understand others around you. It helps you lead by example rather than word or ideology.

6. Now that you’re fired up and ready to go – click here to connect with others!