Voice Male Magazine

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Voice Male chronicles the social transformation of masculinity. Since its modest beginnings in 1983 as a newsletter for the pioneering Men’s Resource Center for Change, Voice Male has evolved into a magazine exploring critical issues relevant to men’s growth and health while cataloguing the damaging effects of men’s isolation and violence. Think of it as a tool to assist men and boys navigating their passage to an engaged understanding of manhood and masculinities.

In its pages readers will discover a chorus of men’s voices—fathers, father figures and mentors; men of color; activist men; gay, bisexual, questioning, and trans men; and younger men.  The voices of women ring clear and true in Voice Male’s pages as well, inspirational allies who have led the way in the work of gender justice.

Accounts of men learning about their inner lives, men overcoming violence and men who have survived abuse are published alongside stories championing women’s rights and girls’ and women’s safety. Reviews of edgy books and films on masculinities and the latest in men’s health, are augmented by in-depth features: from men speaking honestly about violence in sports to pornography’s manipulation of men; from manhood in a time of war to how women and men can work together for gender justice.Voice Male shines a bright light on a male positive, pro-feminist, gay-affirmative, anti-racist future for men, women, families and communities.