Our Mission

The  Men’s  Council  is  a  nonprofit,  focused  on  helping  men  grow,  enrich,  and  improve  their  lives  through  support,  fellowship,  and  community.  The  Men’s  Council  strengthens  men  in  their  roles  of  son,  father,  husband/partner,  friend,  and  citizen.

 24 Annual NC Gathering of Men
April 26-28, 2019
Sponsored by The Men’s Council
Gathering Information

Look for Registration to Open Early 2019

In Memoriam

Oct 10, 1942 to May 5, 2018

We mourn the recent death of our dear brother, Doug Lester. Doug was an original founder and promoter of men’s organizations and work in the Triangle and North Carolina. We will sorely miss his energy, commitment and passion for what The Men’s Council is and does.
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Our Stories Matter

Personal Transformation

The Men’s Council Seeks to be an inspiring presence where men can come to know themselves more fully and can feel safe enough to do the work that will move them toward greater wholeness.

Years of Service To Men


Randy Wall

“Men’s work provides me the safety and courage to share my story.” -Randy Wall

“This gathering was an indescribable experience.  It taught me so much I needed to know about becoming a man.”  Teen Participant

“We are here to help you reach your potential and give you the support you need to get there.” -Bron Skinner

” My time being with all those men ( at the Gathering ) was so powerful that it effected me and I will never forget how much love and support I felt” – TeenParticipant

“It’s worth my time if it changes one guy’s life.” -Doug Lester

“This was the most powerful weekend I have ever had.  It aided in a transition that I have been struggling with.  The openness of the community allows for consultation on any conflict.  I love the atmosphere and I cannot imagine not returning.  I will miss it when I leave.”  – N. Teen Participant

Jarod Brown

“Men come into their fullness and a shift occurs.” -Jarod Brown

“This gathering has taught me on how to express myself in a more adequate and appealing way and also learn and gain knowledge from the old men.” –  F. Teen Participant

Don Henchel

“I guess it really sweetened me up in my marriage. Just the power of being in a circle of men.” -Don Henchel

“This gathering affected me in a way that cannot be explained by words, but the experience definitely was incredible.” – I   Teen Participant

Gregory Blaine

“It’s like a big brother to let me know I’m ok.” -Gregory Blaine

“Transcendental transformation, healing, cleansing, empowering. ” – J. Teen Participant

Philip Loydpierson

“Allows us to soften and find our hearts.” -Philip Loydpierson

“It inspired me and was very powerful.  One of the best times I have ever had. ” – E. Teen Participant

Doug Jennette

“I find safety. There’s just nothing like it in my daily life.” -Doug Jennette

“I learned from Gregory about dreadlocks.  I learned about being a man. Also about environmentalism.  I loved the dancing.” –  R. Teen Participant

Bennett Myers

“From this work I have a great cadre of men. I now have three best friends. It’s all I need.” -Bennett Myers

“My personal experience consisted of my initiation into adulthood from adolescence.  Life changing experience.”  – J. Teen Participant

Group Connection

Connect with other organizations and Men’s Groups nationwide.  Discover what others are doing in the communities and online to help build better men.

Notable Authors

Read incredible literature and learn from others that have written or are currently writing.  Get insight and learn from prominent and notable thinkers in the field of Men’s Psychology and history!

Video Vault

We’ve created a Video Vault where you can capture some of the outstanding speakers in the field of Modern Men’s Work.  Sit back, relax, enjoy a cup of coffee and learn from other formidable figures about what other men are doing to improve their lives.


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