Our Mission

The  Men’s  Council  is  a  nonprofit,  focused  on  helping  men  grow,  enrich,  and  improve  their  lives  through  support,  fellowship,  and  community.  The  Men’s  Council  strengthens  men  in  their  roles  of  son,  father,  husband/partner,  friend,  and  citizen.

Please NOTE: Ongoing questions of safety during the pandemic have prompted TMC to decide to hold these events virtually.

TMC’s 2021
NC Gathering of Men Events

Workshop for Men
March 6, 2021 @ 1p.m. EST
Bridges or Walls
From Men to Women:
Video and Discussion
Event Brochure 
Link to Registration Form


Weekend Gathering
April 24-25, 2021
Workshops, poetry reading, storytelling, small group discussions
More details and registration links to come
Past Gathering Event Description

Group Connection

Connect with other organizations and Men’s Groups nationwide.  Discover what others are doing in the communities and online to help build better men.

Notable Authors

Read incredible literature and learn from others that have written or are currently writing.  Get insight and learn from prominent and notable thinkers in the field of Men’s Psychology and history!

Video Vault

We’ve created a Video Vault where you can capture some of the outstanding speakers in the field of Modern Men’s Work.  Sit back, relax, enjoy a cup of coffee and learn from other formidable figures about what other men are doing to improve their lives.


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Men helping men live better lives.