About The Men’s Council

We live in a time of transformation and confusion. Many old patterns of social oppression have yielded to the urge for change. As individuals and members of groups we often find ourselves moving toward new identities and roles in the world. The Men’s Council seeks to be an inspiring presence where men can come to know themselves more fully and can feel safe enough to do the work that will move them forward in their lives.

The Mission

The Men’s Council is a nonprofit, focused on helping men grow, enrich, and improve their lives through support, fellowship, and community. The Men’s Council strengthens men in their roles of son, father, husband/partner, friend, and citizen.

The Vision

TMC provides the resources to men for their well-being by:

  • Promoting personal development and emotional growth
  • Providing opportunities for connection for meaningful relationships
  • Reaching out to other men
  • Creating and sponsoring events and programs
  • Organizing and referring to men’s support groups
  • Encouraging men’s creative voice and enhance self-discovery
  • Advocating for men in crisis

Position Statement

The Men’s Council affirms and conducts itself in accordance with the belief that people of all colors, nationalities and religions deserve respect and humane treatment. We welcome all who identify as male to join us in making that ideal possible.

Click  here  to  learn  of  our  three  decades  of  history  in  men’s  work. 


The  Men’s  Council  is  a  501c3  tax  exempt  charitable  organization.

Donations will help us in our mission. Please consider donations, either through the contact information below, or this convenient Paypal link.  Thank you for your consideration.

You can send donations directly to TMC at this address:
The Men’s Council
PO Box 6155
Raleigh NC  27628
Whatever amount that you choose to give will make you a contributing member of The Men’s Council. Your name will be added to our mailing list and you will be notified of events TMC sponsors. Your contribution helps TMC to meet its costs of operation. We strive to keep overhead to a minimum but we continue to need support for maintaining the website and fees for financial accounts. Tax deductible donations are always greatly appreciated.

The Men’s Council (formerly the Triangle Men’s Center) is a 501c3 tax exempt organization.