Pre-Gathering Workshops

04/20/18 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Camp Chestnut Ridge
Address: Chestnut Ridge Camp and Retreat Center, Camp Chestnut Ridge Road, Efland, NC, United States
Special pre-Gathering  Sessions

Pre-Gathering workshops will be held on Friday, April 21 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Two workshops will be conducted concurrently so you must choose just one. These offerings will provide men an opportunity to deepen their experience of the rest of the Gathering. Starting early will heighten your receptivity and sensitivity for what happens later and it will also free up time for other workshops that you might wish to attend during the weekend.

You must register for the Gathering to take part in a pre-Gathering session. Plan on arriving between 12:00 and 12:30 p.m. to give yourself time to settle in and prepare for the workshop itself. You should report directly to the location indicated for the workshop of your choice where you will check in.

There is an additional fee of $25 for this workshop which you must add when registering for the TMC Gathering itself.

PLEASE NOTE: You should also be aware that there will be no meals provided Friday afternoon or evening by the camp. You will be responsible for your own food that day so plan accordingly.

Link to register for the Gathering and one of these pre-Gathering sessions.

This Year’s Options

Dynamic  Breath  Work
Facilitator:  Simon  McCain

Location:  Falcon  Lodge

Simon McCain has been conducting Dynamic Breath Work sessions for many years and because of his popularity at past Gatherings we are offering an extra workshop with more time than is normally available during the Gathering for those that want the opportunity to work in more depth with Simon. Simon spoke about the workshop:

“As men, we’re used to carrying it all inside… and for most of us, there’s a lot stuffed in there!  Dynamic Breath work is a breathing process that can let some of that pressure loose. It’s simple but very powerful, and it works without your needing to figure it out.”

There is a maximum of 12 slots for this session.  A minimum of 6 participants must sign up for the workshop by Saturday, April 7, or the workshop will be canceled and you will receive a refund for the extra charge.

For this session wear comfortable clothes. Bring a blanket or sleeping bag, a pillow, water and a journal or notebook to record your journey.

Testimonial   “I had heard wonderful things about Simon’s Breath Work for several years before I decided to attend.  Having a skeptical nature, I was uncertain that I would get anything from it.  Boy, was I ever wrong!  It opened me to some buried grief that I had been avoiding for a decade.  It stirred me and I made new life choices as a function of this opening and I am very grateful to Simon’s gentleness, and support as I began this process.  If ‘going deeper’ is a desire of yours – consider investing in yourself and attend. ” JN

The  Power  of  Empathy
Facilitator:  John  Shuford

Location:  Crane  Lodge

John Shuford is a skilled workshop facilitator. He has conducted hundreds of workshops over the past 25 years, which are designed to build skills and techniques of communication that guide participants to understand themselves and how to deal with conflict through nonviolent alternatives. Semi retired, he now devotes his time to promote a program called the Alternatives to Violence Project with the purpose of changing the culture in our prisons by working with staff and inmates.

This workshop is designed to lead participants to a better understanding of the power empathy has for changing people’s lives. Empathy is a natural and necessary skill for relationships. Without it, we undermine our power. As men, we cannot thrive without community. We cannot have community without relationships and we cannot have healthy relationships without empathy. We are trained to disconnect from our emotions, yet being in touch with our emotions is essential for empathy. This session will help participants understand empathy and be able to give empathic responses.

There is a maximum of 20 slots for this session.  A minimum of 6 participants must sign up for the workshop by Saturday, April 7, or the workshop will be canceled and you will receive a refund for the extra charge.