Workshops for the Gathering

Thank you for your interest.   We have 14 workshops scheduled as of March 13, 2018 and are not looking to add any more this year.  We would love to talk to you about next year.

My best,

Jim Neill, Workshop Coordinator 2018


We are soliciting workshop presenters.  The planning committee for this year’s NC Gathering of Men in April, has been working since November to create our next men’s event and we are inviting you to help us. We plan to conduct two workshop sessions which will make it possible to provide between 12 and 14 workshops.

We trust that this year’s theme will have wide appeal and that it will provide the potential for inspiring lots of great workshops. As always what we do at the Gathering has the goal of  helping men build better lives. Workshops that further this mission are always welcome. We would like you to consider our theme for the weekend and let us know if you are moved to offer a workshop which relates to it or that otherwise might have generic appeal for our participants.

You may get some ideas watching, or re-watching, the TMC’s video “In the Safety of Men” (now viewed over 11,000 times and in 81 countries) about men’s reactions to past Gatherings.  You can access the video on our home page at .  Here are some topics from previous years’ workshops:

  • Male sexuality
  • Our fathers’ stories
  • Poetry and writing workshops
  • Forgiveness of ourselves and others
  • The dilemmas in our lives
  • Drumming
  • The value of play
  • Creating art or dance to depict our stories

Below is a form for you to submit your workshop plan.   You may want to partner with another participant to co-lead and that works well.  We look forward to you sharing your gift with other men.

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Co Leader's Name:
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Workshop title:
Workshop description for the poster

Thank you for your interest.  We have our Workshops lined up and scheduled for 2018.

My best,

Jim Neill